Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Senggigi Beach In Lombok - Indonesia

Lombok does have everything from beaches, mountains, rice fields, until the cultural charm. If you want to find a romantic places, here are one of interesting tourist in Lombok - Indonesia.

senggigi beach

Many people equate the Senggigi Beach Pattaya in Thailand. Not a few people also consider similar to Kuta Beach in Bali. Located 10 kilometers from Mataram, Senggigi is one of the famous tourist spot in Lombok. In fact, you could say this beach is an icon Lombok travel. 

Lombok Beach

This beach has clean white sand, waves suitable for surfing, and of course the underwater scenery is amazingly beautiful. For those who want to stay overnight, there are dozens of five-star hotel in almost every corner. There are also shops like bookstores and art shops that sell a variety of crafts ranging from masks, sculptures and paintings. 
Romantic Resort

senggigi hotels

senggigi resort

sunset on senggigi beach

Every afternoon before sunset, the beach presents a very beautiful view. Drawing on clean beaches, breezy winds, and the waves are calm, this beach is perfect for a romantic you are. If you want to see a culture that is quite unique, you can just walk around half an hour towards Batu Bolong. This place serves a temple built on the reefs located on beaches. According to local legend, in the first place is often held sacrifice of a virgin to be fed to the sharks. Another legend says first fielded many women away from this place into the sea because of a broken heart.

batu bolong

batu bolong place

batu bolong in lombok


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